Ways to Give

Gifts to GTCC Take Many Forms

Gifts to GTCC provide college supporters with the opportunity to invest in the potential of our students and the wider community we serve. Structuring gifts with tax consequences and income opportunities in mind, donors may be able to achieve some additional financial goals as well.

Outright Gifts

Outright gifts allow donors to see gifts at work during their lifetime. All outright gifts can result in income tax savings, and donors may realize multiple benefits by carefully structuring such gifts. These gifts may take the form of:


Cash gifts are the simplest way to give and are tax deductible during the year in which they are made. Gifts can be made online with a credit card through our secure website or can be made via check to The GTCC Foundation at PO Box 309 Jamestown, NC 27282.

Matching Gifts

Many employers will match your gift to the Guilford Technical Community College Foundation. If your company has a matching gift policy, please contact your Human Resources department to obtain your matching gift form.


Pledges allow you to promise a gift and make payments over time, which sometimes enables contributors to give more generously than otherwise possible. Payments can be made using cash, credit cards, securities, or other kinds of assets, over a period of up to five years.


Donations of appreciated securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) can provide substantial benefit in the form of relief from capital gains taxes.


Gifts-in-kind are items of tangible personal property or other physical assets including artwork, books, equipment, specialized instruments, services and other items of value. 

Real Estate

Gifts of real property, including land, farms, personal residences, and rental or commercial property, can benefit the college while providing relief from capital gains taxes and eliminating property expenses.

Planned Gifts

Planned gifts can be a significant benefit to you, your family, and GTCC. There are many types of planned giving, and the type of gift that is best for you depends on your needs and expectations. We encourage you to talk with your financial advisor, family, and the college about options available to you. Examples of planned giving include:

Bequests and Wills

The simplest way to make a planned gift is by naming the GTCC Foundation in your will as the recipient of a particular percentage of your estate’s value, a specific dollar amount, or a specific item of real property. A bequest is a meaningful way to support the college without affecting your cash flow during your lifetime. A bequest gift to the GTCC Foundation is easy to make with an attorney’s help.

Retirement Account or Life Insurance

You can also make the GTCC Foundation the beneficiary of a retirement account or a paid-up life insurance policy. The disposition of these kinds of accounts usually depends upon the beneficiary instructions you have designated on the account, not instructions in your will.

To learn more about the many ways you can support the college, contact the GTCC Foundation office at (336) 334-4822, ext. 50264.