If you are interested in pursuing an academic program completely at-a-distance,* GTCC has a range of program options listed below for degree, certificate, or diploma completion.

Online course availability each semester is based upon pre-determined list of courses. Students are highly encouraged to work with an academic advisor in order to “MAP” out a program course completion plan.

Students who are taking all of their classes online are eligible to become eDegree Students who receive a range of benefits described below. To take advantage of those benefits eligible students much first complete the eDegree Workshop.

Live outside North Carolina? Read important information for out-of-state students.


  • An Online Student is any student who takes one or more online classes to keep on track with program completion goals.
    To register for and take Online classes you must complete the Online Success Seminar in Moodle.
  • An eDegree Student is a student who takes their full academic program completely online. To receive the most support and have the most success eDegree students should sign up and complete the eDegree Workshop. You can sign up for the workshop below.

eDegree Academic Program Offerings

Make sure to review the complete list of current eDegree academic programs before signing up for the eDegree workshop.

The GTCC eDegree Program is a part of the SREB Electronic Campus system. Students not living in North Carolina may apply for eDegree academic programs. See the Out-of-State Student Information below regarding the states we serve and program authorization requirements.

Applying for eDegree Priority Registration

eDegree students who complete the eDegree Workshop have several benefits as GTCC distance learners:

  • eDegree designated students receive a priority registration date
  • eDegree designated students have access to restricted online courses
  • eDegree designated students receive individualized online support from GTCC’s Online Student Navigator
  • eDegree designated students have access to a separate Moodle information classroom

Anyone interested in taking advantage of these unique benefits and applying to be an eDegree student should complete the form below. The workshop must be successfully completed in order for a student to earn eDegree priority registration status on their student account. Priority registration designation is added to the GTCC Student Account following the successful completion of the workshop. 

Follow these steps to register for the eDegree Workshop:

  1. Complete your GTCC Enrollment using the Path-to-Success. Pre-orientation and orientation are required for verifying and processing all applications.
  2. Activate your GTCC student account using the Creating a GTCC Account.You must have your account activated to access your GTCC email and other online student resources.
  3. Complete the Online Success Seminar. This student training is mandatory for all GTCC students who wish to register for any GTCC online class. The Online Success Seminar is located in Moodle.
  4. To register for the workshop, click "Sign Up Now" below. This is required to process priority registration requests. All verified and processed applicants will be invited by student email to a two-week online workshop session.


To Priority Register for Summer and Fall 2021
Month Sign-up Ends Workshop dates
July June 3 July 5-16
August July 28 Aug. 2-13
September Sept. 3 Sept. 13-24
October Sept. 29 Oct. 4-15
October Oct. 6 Oct. 11-22
GTCC Registration Information

Frequently Asked Questions

No, any enrolled GTCC student may take one or more online classes. All students interested in registering for online classes are required to complete the Online Success Seminar (login required) to be able to register during course registration. If you have additional questions send them to edegree@gtcc.edu or contact the Online Student Navigator for more information.

 After completing the eDegree Workshop Application  each student will be reviewed. If the student meets all the eDegree student pre-qualifications (In an eDegree Program and has no current holds on their account), they will receive an email that they can participate and the date of the next workshop. 

Students are updated as eDegree once they have successfully completed the two-week eDegree Workshop.

Registration at GTCC is done by the student. Using WebAdvisor, all students have access to the semester courses both online and on-campus. A student may search and register for classes that are chosen based upon their advisor’s recommendations. You can filter your search for "off campus" to see only online class options. 

Tuition rates and fees for eDegree programs are no different than for programs taken on campus. These rates are updated regularly by GTCC. Check our Tuition and Fees page for the most recent rates and fees.

All eDegree programs follow the GTCC Academic Calendar dates. Once a student completes the enrollment process by using the Path To Success and completes the mandatory Online Success Seminar (login required), they can register for courses during the next regular registration window.

These classes are called Pre-Curriculum. They are designed to give students the opportunity to brush up on their basic skills in each area so they enter their chosen academic program with greater skills to succeed. Because they are tailored to the individual needs of students online sections and seats are limited. 

Online and eDegree students MUST follow their syllabus guidelines and course assignment deadlines given by individual instructors. All participation expectations are defined by your instructor. You will most likely have weekly assignments due along with weekly participation expectations for discussion and collaboration through the entire semester.

Yes, online classes do require textbooks & materials. The GTCC bookstore makes it easy for students to purchase their course materials through the Campus Store online or at an on campus bookstore. 

Limited Enrollment programs have additional steps for students to take before they are considered for admission. Students must follow the guidelines and requirements according to the timelines given in order to apply for them. See Limited Enrollment and Special Programs in the GTCC catalog  for more information.

See the GTCC Assessment Testing Center information here for placement testing locations and hours of service.

The Community College System offers a free NCDAP Web-Base Study App to help students brush up before taking the placement test. Download the app. The study app features practice tests in the NC DAP math modules and the reading/English multiple choice components. You can access the site from a computer, tablet, or Smartphone (see supported browsers & mobile OS below) and familiarize yourself with the basic content areas of the NC DAP tests. The Study App includes the following features:

  • Sample Tests that help you experience the types of questions to be asked on test day
  • “LearnAsYou Go” feature that provides immediate feedback after each question is submitted and includes an explanation for the correct response
  • Save your work-in-progress, and resume practicing at a later time
  • Review your score history to identify areas of strength and weakness
  • 6 months of access to the NC DAP Web-Based Study App

Supported Browsers

  • Safari 6.0.x
  • Firefox 16.0.x
  • Internet Explorer 8.0.x or later
  • Google Chrome 22.x or later

Supported Mobile Operating Systems

  • IOS version 5.0 or later
  • Android version 2.3 or later

Online and eDegree students MUST follow their syllabus guidelines for taking tests and exams. There may be some courses that will require you to take a live proctored test at a designated testing center. You will need to consult with your instructor directly for detailed directions on taking proctored exams and the options available to you.

Some online courses require students to take exams in a supervised environment. This helps faculty members verify online students’ identities and ensures academic integrity. If proctored tests are required, students in online sections will take their tests at the GTCC assessment center. Information, including location, phone number, and hours of operation for the assessment centers can be found on the Assessment Center web sitee

Students in the Piedmont Triad region may complete proctored assessments at any campus location. On the Jamestown Campus, no appointment is necessary, but students must begin their test one hour before the Assessment Center closes.  Students must make appointments for proctoring at the Greensboro or High Point campus locations.

Out-Of-State Students: See Complaint Assistance for Online/Out-of-State Students. 

Information for Instructors

Instructors should clearly indicate proctored assessments on the course syllabus along with date ranges for completion of these assessments. Instructors should refer students to this site or to the Assessment Center for help making proctoring arrangements if students do not plan to complete the assessment at a GTCC location.

For on-campus assessments, instructors should fill out a Faculty Testing Instruction Form and submit it and the assessment to the Assessment Center at least 24 hours before the start of the assessment period.

For off-campus assessments, instructors should e-mail or fax the assessment and instructions to the designated proctor, along with any other information or materials.

Information for Students

Let your instructor know in advance if you need to make arrangements to complete an assessment somewhere other than GTCC. If a non-GTCC proctor is needed, it is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements and secure a testing appointment. Once the student has completed the Request for Proctor Form, and submitted it to the Assessment Center, it will be forwarded on to their instructor and the instructor will then communicate their proctoring and testing instructions to the non-GTCC proctor. Any fees that are associated with using non-GTCC proctors are the responsibility of the student.

Need help?

Please contact the GTCC Assessment Center at testingcenter@gtcc.edu or (336) 334-4822 Ext. 50017 or the eDegree Program Coordinator at edegree@gtcc.edu.

Request for Proctor Form

You can use the Employee Directory to locate any faculty or staff member at GTCC. There is a basic and an advanced search tool where you can enter a name or department to find who you are looking for. The search results provide the name, title, office hours, phone number, email address, and photograph for your reference.

Online and eDegree students MUST follow their syllabus guidelines for contacting their instructor(s) during office hours. There may be different days, times, and ways of contact for each instructor you have. You can also send a message to your instructor from your Moodle classroom using the “participants” link on the left menu.

Yes, Guilford Technical Community College academic programs are regionally accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (COC-SACS) to award industry certificates, diplomas, and Associate degrees. See more information on GTCC Accreditation.

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GTCC eDegree Programs

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GTCC Student Moodle Tech Support

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GTCC eLearning Student Support

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GTCC eLearning Faculty Support

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