Assessment Center Reopens

The Assessment Center hours are:

  • 9:00 am - 6:00 pm Monday-Thursday
  • 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Friday

We will continue to offer both remote and face-to-face testing opportunities. All testing – remote and face-to-face – is by appointment only.

Please call 336-334-4822 Ext. 50574 or email for assistance.

The Assessment Center provides testing and proctoring services for GTCC as well as other schools and universities. We also offer testing services for employers in the surrounding communities. Through our site we offer paper and/or computer based tests. We maintain and adhere to all standards set forth by the National College Testing Association.

Placement Testing – Update

Thank you for your patience as we work through several issues with setting up remote proctoring of placement tests. We know you are anxious to complete your placement tests and register for courses.

The Admissions Office is the first step. Students who need a placement test or think they need a placement test should email Admissions at Admissions will determine if placement testing is necessary. Some students will find that the placement test is not needed and will be one step closer to registering for classes.

If the Admissions Office determines that a placement test is necessary, an email will go to the student and the Assessment Center with the type of placement test needed. The Assessment Center will then become the point of contact regarding the placement test and assist the student in setting up the necessary accounts and provide guidance as needed during the testing phase.

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Proctoring Services for GTCC and Non-GTCC Students

Information about proctoring services for online students, and/or GTCC students unable to attend class on a scheduled test date, as well as for TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills), TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education), CLEP (College Level Examination Program), Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam for Word or Excel, and WorkKeys.

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Just For Faculty

Information for GTCC faculty regarding course testing including mid-terms and finals within the Assessment Center.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A valid photo ID is required for identification. Any high school ID card must be from the current school year. We will not accept photos of IDs.
  • Cell phones must be powered off; not on silent or vibrate. Devices will be placed into an assigned locker.
  • All electronic and Bluetooth devices must be turned off and placed into your assigned locker. This includes fitness trackers, smartwatches, smart glasses, music players, headphones, earbuds, etc.)
  • No food or drink is permitted in the testing area unless authorized.
  • Hats, caps, and scarves must be removed and stored in locker. Only religious head wear may be worn while testing. Hoods are not allowed to be covering your head while testing.
  • Children are not allowed in the testing area.

You will be advised of any additional test procedures required by your test upon your arrival at the Assessment Center.

Students accessing prohibited items or information during an exam will have their exam stopped and will be asked to leave the Assessment Center.

Typically, this depends on the information provided to the Assessment Center. Information regarding restroom breaks will be provided to the student before they begin their test.

  • Faculty tests– No breaks permitted unless authorized on the instructor form.
  • Correspondence testing– No breaks permitted unless authorized on the proctor form.
  • Placement test– Breaks are allowed.
  • TEAS test– One authorized break; others are allowed but are included within test time.
  • CLEP test – No breaks permitted.

While the staff will never stop you from going to the restroom, please know that unless the break has been authorized your test will be stopped and submitted at that point.

There are certain types of tests that do require appointments, however this will vary by campus, please click this link to identify which campus offers which tests: Testing Matrix 

This link provides contact information for each campus: Testing Center Locations 

Effective Jan. 2, 2020 the Jamestown Assessment Center will be open:

  • Monday – Thursday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm. The last MAT003 test begins at 4:00 pm. All other tests must be started before 5:00 pm.
  • Friday hours remain 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. The last MAT003 test begins at 7:00 pm. The last start for all other tests is 4:00 pm.

Effective Feb. 10, 2020 the Assessment Center operating hours will be:

  • Monday – Thursday 8:00 am – 9:00 pm. The last MAT003 test begins at 7:00 pm. All other tests must be started before 8:00 pm.
  • Friday hours remain 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. The last MAT003 test begins at 7:00 pm. The last start for all other tests is 4:00 pm.

To learn about other types of tests available at GTCC, go the Proctoring Services for GTCC and Non-GTCC Students page and go to the FAQ.

The selection of test offered varies from campus to campus. This link will help identify which tests are offered where: Testing Matrix

If you have not already contacted Disability Services that will be your first step. They can be reached at 336-334-4822 Ext. 50038. DAS will be able to assist you with letters of accommodations for your instructors and the Assessment Center.

RegisterBlast is the online registration system used by the Jamestown Assessment Center that allows students to schedule their testing appointments. Currently, only the following groups of GTCC students use RegisterBlast; individuals registering for the TEAS test and students who have approved testing accommodations. Non-GTCC students are required to use RegisterBlast for TEAS, CLEP, and when testing for other schools.

If you answer yes to any of these four questions you are required to make an appointment for testing;

  • Are you are a student (GTCC or elsewhere) who is expected to take the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) as part of an entry application to a health career program?
  • Are you are a student (GTCC or elsewhere) who wants to take a CLEP (College-Level Examination Program) to obtain college credit for a course?
  • Are you a GTCC student who has worked with DAS to obtain testing accommodations?
  • Are you an individual who takes courses at another school but who needs to find a proctor for a test?

Go to

  1. Click Proctoring Services for Non-GTCC Students
  2. Choose Proctoring Services (Test Proctoring) for Non-GTCC Students
  3. Select the date you want to test.
  4. Select the time you want to test.
  5. Enter your name and email address.
  6. After reading the guidelines and policies, check the box indicating that you agree to them.
  7. Enter the name of your school, your phone number and the course code (ex. Mat 2065)
  8. Click the green Add to Cart
  9. You must click the green complete registration button to finalize the transaction.