GTCC is committed to programs that provide equitable educational outcomes for all students representing all backgrounds. By recruiting qualified candidates for paid internships at GTCC, this program helps foster diversity and inclusion throughout the college.

What are the Intern Qualifications?

  • Must be an early career professional with less than 10 years of experience.
  • Must be able to teach in a transfer or career-technical discipline offered at GTCC.
  • Must be able to meet the established minimum requirements for a part-time teaching position at GTCC.
    • Transfer courses require a master’s degree in the discipline or a related field with 18 graduate credit hours in the discipline from a regionally accredited institution.
    • Career-technical minimum job requirements vary depending on the program.
    • Applicants are encouraged to review current GTCC job postings for minimum requirements.
    • Qualifications will be reviewed and verified upon application.
    • Apply now through 11:59 p.m. May 12.

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How will Interns Benefit from the Program?

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  • Total immersion in full-time faculty activities and events
  • Trained on teaching and learning about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)
  • Compensation for courses, with additional stipends for program-related duties
  • Mentoring and continual support provided by full-time faculty
  • Training in classroom management
  • Engagement in a capstone hiring simulation, featuring a mini-teach and formal interview with immediate feedback

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How can you make an Impact?

  • You can increase diversity in part-time positions at GTCC.
  • You can increase opportunities to close achievement gaps.
  • You can increase opportunities for classroom inclusion.

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