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Faculty Support for Canvas

Please use the links below to review materials to assist with the planning, creation, deployment, and management of your classes on the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS).

What you need to know now ...

The Academic Integrity Quiz is an Assignment in Canvas instructors should use as the Census Assignment. Academic Integrity Quiz (PDF)

Instructors can make the Getting Started Module/Academic Integrity Quiz a prerequisite to other modules in the course. Adding a requirement to the first modules will mean the students are forced to take the AIQ before moving through the course. Setting Requirements and Prerequisites (PDF).


A brief overview of the process of logging into Canvas and what the LMS looks like as an instructor. GTCC eLearning Canvas Overview Part 1 (PDF).

Customize what course navigation options students see in your course. Customizing the Navigation Menu (PDF).

The Canvas Teacher app is available for Android or Apple iOS. How to Connect the Canvas Teacher App (PDF).

  • Assignments are the way student grades are added in Canvas. Assignments and Gradebook in Canvas (PDF).
  • See when students have submitted assignments in the Canvas course and see the gradebook history for students. Canvas Logs and Gradebook History (PDF).
  • Files such as images, PDFs, PowerPoints can be added to assignments or quizzes. How to Link a File in Canvas (PDF).
  • Rubrics can be useful for instructors to clarify expectations for student assignment submissions in an easy-to-follow format, allowing the students to take more responsibility for their performance. Adding a Rubric in Canvas (PDF).

Editing the Home page (front page), editing the Meet Your Instructor and Course Welcome pages, and editing the syllabus. How to Edit your Template Canvas Pages (PDF).

Question Banks are associated with quizzes in Canvas. Question Banks in Canvas (PDF).

Canvas Studio is the application for building and storing video content in your courses.

Make sure your plans are customized and finalized at Checklist for Starting a New Semester.

To use the Microsoft Teams classes integration in Canvas follow the instructions below. Instructors will need to edit the Navigation and Integrations in the course settings.

Creating Teams Sites in Canvas


final-white-small-tagline.pngVideo Library

Guides and Answers

The Instructure (Canvas) Community is a repository of videos and answered questions. It is always a good place to look for answers to Canvas questions.

In the Level Two Digging Deeper Training, the eLearning department has a list of common questions and solutions to GTCC Faculty issues using Canvas. Click here.


Census information is pulled from the Canvas LMS, and instructions can be found below. Specific questions about Census or Self-Service should be directed to Auditing at 55088.

The Academic Integrity Quiz is an Assignment in Canvas instructors should use as the Census Assignment. Academic Integrity Quiz (PDF)

Using Intellliboard

Instructions and walk-through of how to use Intelliboard to complete Census.