Foreign Student Admissions (F-1 Visa Only)

Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC) admits non-immigrant students with proper authorization through the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Application for admission should be made at least two months prior to the semester in which an applicant plans to enroll. Non-immigrant students are treated as non-resident students with respect to tuition and fees. The college cannot provide financial aid to foreign students; therefore, students must have sufficient funds to cover all living expenses, tuition and fees while attending the college. Student housing is not available on campus and foreign students are expected to make their own arrangements for housing.

To apply, please contact the International Admissions office.

F-1 Application Deadlines


Fall Semester

Summer Semester

Spring Semester

Applying Outside US

May 1

No new students

September 1

Final Documents

May 15


September 15


July 1

No new students

October 1

Final Documents

July 15


October 15

Applying Outside U.S.:
  This is a student who resides outside the United States.  The student wants to apply to receive an I-20.  With this I-20, the student will apply for an F-1 student visa to come to Guilford Technical Community College and study as a full-time student.

Transfers:  This is a student who is currently in the United States studying at an institution with a current I-20.  The student wants to apply to Guilford Technical Community College to transfer his or her I-20 to study as a full-time student.

Out of Status Students: Guilford Technical Community College does not accept students who are currently out of status. We will not initiate the reinstatement process for new students.

International Student Application Process

Do not complete the online application. If you have, please let us know. Otherwise, complete the paper application in the Admissions Application Process Packet. Submit your paper application and a non-refundable application fee of $40.00.

In order to determine your residency status, please go to the site:

  1. A High School Diploma is required, no exceptions.
  2. A certified copy of the original educational record/transcripts, to include all previous academic experiences is required. If the original copy of this record is written in a language other than English, then a certified copy of an English translation is required.
  3. Transfer Credit: Transfer credit for international transcripts can be granted once their international transcripts have been verified by a recognized translation entity such as World Education Services (WES). If you have US college credit we will need those transcripts as well.

One of the following requirements are acceptable.

  1. Your country of citizenship is an English speaking country. Verified by PDSO.
  2. TOEFL: The Test Of English as a Foreign Language is required of all applicants, except those from countries where English is the only official language, or the applicant is a transfer student from an accredited U.S. college or institution with English transfer credit. The minimum acceptable TOEFL score of score of 65+. School Code: 5275—We must receive official copies of the scores.
  3. Duolingo test score of 105.
  4. Academic International English Language Testing System (Academic IELTS) – Before entering a full-time academic (college) program, a student is required to have a minimum Academic IELTS score of 6.5 overall band score.
  5. Completion of a Language School — You must complete all levels of the language school-no exceptions.

  1. A completed Form I-134 and/or GTCC Financial Certificate signed and notarized signature on financial resource statement is required of all applicants.
  2. The supporter must provide an official letter from his/her banking institution giving information on the types of account (s), balance (s) and length of time he/she has been banking with the institution.
  3. A bank statement dated within the last 90 days.
  4. A minimum of $27,000 in supporter’s bank account annually.
  5. A minimum of $4,000 deposit upon admission to the college.

A Transfer Clearance Form must be completed by all students who are currently residing in the United States for the purpose of attending school. The last authorized institution attended must complete this form. A copy of your I-20 is also required.

We must have copies of your passport, visa, and I-94.

*Upon receipt of all items listed above, an admission decision will be made and the applicant will be notified as soon as possible. If the decision is a positive one, then a U.S. Department of Justice Form I-20 A-B Certification of Eligibility will be prepared and forwarded with a formal acceptance letter.

Important Notes
* All items requested must be official. For Change of Status, you would have to complete the I-539 form in addition to including these items and other required items.

* GTCC does not issue an I-20 (Student Visa) for students attending ESL/ESOL classes only. ESL classes  are available through the Continuing Education Program. ESOL classes are free of charge.