Important Information You Need to Know

There are many factors that impact the amount of VA education benefits you received.  Read through the following list to familiarize yourself with these rules and procedures.

  • ALL Admissions requirements (i.e. application, transcripts, placement test(s), and evaluation of courses) MUST be completed for continued certification by the GTCC VA office.
  • Students who submit a Certificate of Eligibility from the VA to the school for Chapter 33/Post-9/11 GI BILL® will have their applicable portion of in-state tuition & fees paid to the school by the VA, provided they have remaining entitlement. Veterans Readiness & Employment (Chapter 31), Children’s Scholarship, & Tuition Assistance students (with approval letters on file) will have their tuition cost paid for by the respective entity sponsoring the student. All other GI BILL® chapters & veteran’s programs are responsible for their tuition cost on the school’s payment due date. You cannot charge your tuition and fees to the school. Please allow 30-45 days for VA benefits to start.
  • Veterans are required to attend an Orientation session, when it is time to register for their 1st semester at GTCC. Once you are advised and have registered, bring your completed and FINAL schedule to the VA Office each semester that you want your enrollment hours reported to the VA.
  • The GTCC course catalog is the official guide for your program. Any courses taken outside of the ones listed under your program in the catalog are your financial responsibility. VA will not pay for non-credit course, courses previously passed with a “D” or better (unless a better grade is required by your program for graduation), courses for which transfer credit has been granted, courses taken for Audit purposes, or courses passed by a proficiency exam.
  • If a course substitution is being granted, it must be approved by the Department Chair and Division Chair. A copy of the course substitution must be provided to the Veterans’ Office. There will be NO certification for course substitutions by the VA Office without a copy of the written, signed approval.
  • Students whose GPA (Grade Point Average) falls below the required 2.0, will be placed on academic probation after 1 semester. If, after the 2nd semester of study, your GPA is still below 2.0, you will be placed on academic suspension from Veteran’s Educational Benefits. The suspension will remain in effect until the required 2.0 GPA has been achieved. (Please note that if you are utilizing financial aid in conjunction with your veteran’s benefits, there are separate policies for satisfactory academic progress and for maintaining eligibility for those programs.)
  • Fall and Spring Semesters 12 hours is Full Time, 9-11 hours is 3/4 time, and 6-8 hours is 1/2 time. Summer Semester 7 hours is Full Time, 6-5 hours is 3/4 time, and 4 hours is 1/2 time. (VA only)
  • GTCC’s Veteran’s Office must promptly be informed of ANY and all changes to your schedule or semester hours. This includes dropping a course, withdrawing from school, unofficially withdrawing from coursework when you stop attending in person or participating online, or a change in your program of study. Failure to follow proper procedures could result in a debt to the VA.
  • Veterans must notify the GTCC VA Office and the Records Office of any address changes. You will also need to notify the Regional Processing Office of these changes as well. You may contact them by phone at 1-888-442-4551.
  • GTCC VA students taking classes at another institution (guest school), with the purpose of transferring credit back to GTCC (parent school) will be considered a “VISITING” student at that institution. Students must submit their registration receipt from the guest school to the VA Office at GTCC. The classes registered for will be reviewed and if those classes are eligible for transfer back to GTCC, a letter is sent to the guest school to that effect. Upon receipt of the letter, the VA representative at the guest school will certify the eligible hours.
  • Incomplete grades (“I”) must be completed by the 5/8 point of the semester following the receipt of the “I”. Students cannot register for any classes in which they received an “I”; until that “I” has become a grade that is below the program requirement. Please note that failure to complete an “I” which is a pre-requisite for a current class will cause you to be dropped from that class and the “I” will convert to an “F” and will be factored in to your GPA.
  • Tutorial Assistance is available for recipients of all chapters of VA Educational Benefits. If needed, contact the GTCC VA Office.
  • Chapter 30, 33 (Post 9/11 GI Bill®), 1606, and non-degree Chapter 35 recipients MUST verify their attendance each month. Failure to do so may cause a delay in your payment. To verify attendance on the last day of each month, call VA’s automated line at 1-877-823-2378.
  • GTCC certifies students using the beginning and ending dates of the classes, including mini-mesters. If you do not want to be certified for a semester, notify the GTCC VA Office in writing or by email.
  • Veterans taking mini-mester classes should note that these classes affect your certification status. Your benefit payments will be prorated based on how many hours you will be taking at any one time. For example, you enroll for fall in a class that begins in August and ends in December. You also enroll for fall in a class that begins in October and ends in December. You will not be considered to be enrolled for both classes for VA payment purposes until October, when the second class begins.