The NC Global Scholars of Distinction Program is a global honors program open to all GTCC curriculum students, regardless of their program of study. Upon completion of the requirements, students graduate as global scholars of distinction marked on their transcripts and diplomas.

As a partnership between Guilford Technical Community College and the World View Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the NC Global Scholars of Distinction program enables students to develop the global competencies and skills needed for the 21st-century workforce.

A "global scholar of distinction" on their diploma will show employers and transfer institutions that these graduates have an understanding of global cultural, political, and historical information uncommon in the general student population.

Interested students should complete the NC Global Scholars of Distinction application.

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  • Students complete 15 credits (five classes) with a grade of A or B in classes designated as having globally intensive content.
  • Students attend 8 hours of global focus campus events
  • Students complete 30 hours of study abroad or domestic intercultural experience
  • Before graduation, students give a capstone presentation describing their global learning experience

15 Credits of Global Classes

Intrinsically Global Classes: Students may choose any course that fits their program of study
Class Credit Hours
ART 111 Art Appreciation 3.0
ART 114 Art History Survey 3.0
ART 115 Art History Survey 2 3.0
CJC 161 Intro to Homeland Security 3.0
COM 140 Intro to Intercultural Communication 3.0
CUL 230 Global Cuisines 5.0
ENG 241 British Literature I 3.0
ENG 242 British Literature 2 3.0
ENG 261 World Literature I 3.0
ENG 262 World Literature II 3.0
HIS 111 World Civilizations I 3.0
HIS 112 World Civilizations II 3.0
HIS 227 Native American History 3.0
HUM 110 Technology and Society 3.0
HUM 120 Cultural Studies 3.0
HUM 130 Myth and Human Culture 3.0
INT 110 International Business 3.0
LOG 235 Import/Export Management 3.0
POL 210 Comparative Government 3.0
POL 220 International Relations 3.0
REL 110 World Religions 3.0
REL 111 Eastern Religions 3.0
SPA 111 Elementary Spanish I 3.0
SPA 112 Elementary Spanish II 3.0
SPA 120 Spanish for the Workplace 3.0
SPA 211 Intermediate Spanish I 3.0
SPA 212 Intermediate Spanish II 3.0

Globalized Classes

Students must choose sections of these classes taught only by the listed instructor
All instructors​
Class Instructor
COM 120 Interpersonal Communications All instructors
COM 231 Public Speaking Knoll, Walters, or Magnes
CSC 249 Data Structures and Algorithms James Carrier
DRA 111 Theatre Appreciation Nicholas Barbato
ECO 252 Macro Economics DePolt
ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry Fortner, Scalf, Overby, or Woodard
ENG 112 Writing/Research Brock, Fortner, Kessinger, Labbe, Siler (online), Swift, or Woodard
ENG 114 Professional Research and Reporting Simpson
GEL 111 Physical Geology  All Instructors
HIS 131 American History I Lehman
HIS 132 American History II Bartee, Lehman
HUM 115 Critical Thinking Kessinger or Woodard
HUM 122 Southern Culture Labbe
HUM 150 American Women's Studies  Labbe
MED 118 Medical Law & Ethics All instructors
MED 140 Exam Room Procedures I All instructors
OST 145 Social Media for Office Professionals Blower
OST 181 Office Procedures Woelfel
OST 233 Office Publication Design Blower
PHI 215 Philosophical Issues  Hare or Zavediuk
PHI 240 Intro to Ethics Hare or Zavediuk
PSY 150 General Psychology Turner
REL 221 Religion in America Maley
SOC 210 Introduction to Sociology All instructors

As of spring 2024