Let the Summer Adventure Begin

Want to give your teen (ages 13 to 18) a summer adventure to remember? Titan Tech offers a wide range of adventures in career exploration using the latest technology.

GTCC's Titan Tech features two, week-long sessions filled with fun, hands-on experiences that allow your teen to explore some of the hottest potential careers.

  • Low faculty/participant ratios
  • Professionally developed intensive curriculum
  • Action-packed activities which change daily
  • A safe, fun environment
  • Unique, cutting-edge facilities
  • Highly-trained faculty counselors
  • Great introduction to career options

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Previous Programs

Culinary Curious

Restaurant and Food Truck


Can you take the heat? Experience the fun, fast-paced environment of top restaurant kitchens and food trucks as you bring out your inner chef. Join award-winning faculty who will teach the fundamentals of cooking, baking, and a variety of techniques to whip up delicious creations with flair! Each student will receive their own chef uniform and will work through step-by-step instruction in knife skills, food prep, and sanitation for restaurants and food trucks. Students will craft snacks, meals, and desserts each day of the week!

The Scrub Life

Health Sciences


Interested in the field of health care? Find out if you're suited for a career as a nurse, medical assistant, hospital technician, and much more. As we dive into the health sciences, you'll quickly see what makes them so demanding but also so critical to our survival.

Art Meets Tech: Happily Ever After

Graphic Design and Digital Illustration

Representation of image being created digitally pixel by pixel

Turn your ideas into reality using the latest graphic design and illustration tech. From logos to shirt graphics, phone apps to concert posters, graphic designers create the visuals for everything we do. Illustrators and digital artists even create the game characters, infographics, and team mascots we all love. Come take an intense journey through the design process, from sketching to software, printing to promotion! This hands-on camp will cover Adobe design software and amazing digital illustration techniques.

Cyber Crime Busted

Cyber Crime


Cyber crime may seem less important because it happens virtually, but its effects are all too real. These crimes infringe upon our privacy, security, and personal well-being, ultimately causing hundreds of billions of dollars in lost revenue across the world each year. Explore the foundations of cyber crime and digital forensics using the latest tools for hacks, including cracking mobile devices.

Social Media Mastery: Be a True Influencer

Social Media


From TikTok to Instagram to LinkedIn, social media powers our lives. We love it, hate it, and consume it like addicts. In this workshop, participants will learn the most current and expert ways to rise to the top through video, imagery, and words, moving away from our impulses so that we can master provocative content. Plus, students will learn some Photoshop and receive a professional light for recording!

Iron Man's Fab Lab

Welding Techniques

Welder wearing protective equipment on the job

Using electrical plasma, participants will explore the world of welding. Learn basic safety protocols, MIG welding, and robotic welding programming fundamentals. On a small mild steel project, students will have fun performing welding via the latest technology.

Photo & Video Like a Pro

Photography and Videography

Photographer taking photo

Learn the latest in photography and videography while working with award-winning faculty and industry professionals! Participants will use cutting-edge applications and techniques to produce professional-quality photos and videos, all with a focus on creating meaningful, engaging content. Find your own creativity by telling stories with images and sound. And ... ACTION!

Hit Record

Entertainment Technology

Sound engineering equipment

Love music? Don't miss this intensive behind-the-scenes experience with creation and execution of a band's studio recording using professional signal processors, software, and microphones in our elite studio. Participants will spend the week immersed in the world of sound, producing and recording a song, start to finish.

First Responder to the Rescue

Public Safety


Do you have what it takes to be a police officer, firefighter, or emergency medical technician? Join this session exploring each of these public safety occupations. Don't miss your chance to experience some of the toughest yet most rewarding professions out there!