Apply For Military/Veterans and Dependent’s Education

There is lots of help available to Veterans. The following links will assist you with applying and receiving VA educational benefits.

Other websites of interest:

  • Financial Aid Shopping Sheet (If you have completed financial aid)
    • After clicking the Financial Aid Shopping Sheet link, follow these steps to see your personalized information:
      • Once you have been redirected, Click the Financial Aid box.
      • Click the Financial Aid Counseling tab at the top of the page.
      • Once you click the tab, it will display a dropdown menu.
      • Click College Financing Plan which will take you to your Shopping Sheet information.
      • Enter your name or student ID in the box on the right side of the screen and click enter. This should display your name and student ID. Click that displayed box. Select the award year 2021-2022.
      • Once you have completed this process, please send a screenshot of the first page only via email to
  • VA Debt Management