College Transfer Students

College transfer is a unique opportunity for curriculum students to be exposed to various colleges and universities throughout the school year. The college transfer liaison works closely with four-year schools to partner with students to help them facilitate the college transfer process and allow them to explore their educational options.

College Transfer at GTCC

  • Constant notification via email when schools will be visiting campus
  • Diversity in the schools that come to campus
  • Opportunities to have more personable meeting with college representatives by participating in the Transfer Thursday program
  • Exposure to various colleges and universities throughout the school year
  • On campus college fair opportunities (Jamestown & Greensboro Campuses)
  • Evening engagements with college representatives to discuss transfer options
  • College Transfer Club that caters to the needs of the transfer driven student

  • Book a Time
  • Get help in finding possible transfer destinations.
  • Identify degree interests and which institutions offer them.
  • Get connected with other institutions’ transfer advisors.
  • Receive help in the transfer process.

  • Make requests for a particular school to visit the campus
  • Visit the student success center to inquire about college literature on hand
  • Participate in the scheduled college tours/visits alongside college transfer club members

Transfer Events

College Transfer Club

The College Transfer Club is here to provide another resource to assist students with their transfer needs. The college transfer club is a student led organization where students with like minds have the opportunity to fellowship and experience the process of transferring as a unit. In addition to feeding their educational needs, club members commit to helping the community and serving those in need. The college transfer club provides leadership opportunities and is a great college resume builder!

University Transfer Interest Form