Say Yes to Education


Students who graduate from Guilford County high schools are eligible for the Say Yes Scholarship, which is an unprecedented opportunity for our students, parents, and community. Say Yes Guilford’s scholarship program is designed to make college more affordable; every eligible Guilford County high school graduate will receive a “last dollar” tuition-only scholarship to be used toward attaining a college degree or post-secondary certificate.

Things to remember:

  • Say Yes funds pay some or all of your tuition costs to attend GTCC. The amount is determined by your eligibility and whether you have other grant funds to help with your school costs. (Expenses such as fees and books are not covered. If you qualify for other grants or loan funds those can be used to cover such expenses, or you can pay out of pocket.)
  • You must maintain full time enrollment (12 credit hours) with a 2.0 GPA or better.

A full listing of requirements can be found at


How to use your Say Yes  funds at GTCC:

  • Apply for admission to GTCC.
  • Complete the FAFSA and add GTCC (school code 004838)
  • Indicate your plans to attend GTCC on your Say Yes Certification Form.

If you have questions about Say Yes at GTCC, please contact Lisa Koretoff at 336-334-4822 ext. 50317 or email at .